The process

Fixing fences can often lead to great ideas.

C alves are weaned approximately 210 days after birth, being fed hay, high protein pellets, and grass when available due to the season. While they are in the feeding area, they are worked with every morning and night during feeding time. I (Bre Ochs) teach them what I call manners.

5 simple rules:
1- Come when you are called,
2- Go when you are told.
3- Back up when you are told “Back”.
4- No head butting me.
5- No Kicking me.

This is for my safety and it makes easier to move from pen to pen when needed. Keeping them calm, easy to work with, and most of all being able to have them take treats (cake) out of my hands assist in the tenderness of the meat.
I select certain yearlings for the wine program. They must have a calm, easy going personality. They receive a name and once they learn it, I then train them to go to the wine pen. This will be there feeding area where I pour approximately ½ bottle of our own customized Honey Mead over the feed 2x daily approximately the last 120 days of the finishing process.