Zeus "The Gladiator"

DOB February 27, 2013
Drinks Red wine from a goblet, Bottled Blue Moon Beer, Canned Mountain Dew
Hot Dog Buns
Personality- Romantic, gentle, playful, loves to be hugged, deep but powerful personality
Zeus may be big and intimidating, but he is very gentle and loving. Enjoys playing with the calves after breeding season.

Saphire (Saph) Gem

DOB February 22, 2013
Drinks white wine from her princess wine glass
Loves Swedish fish, Sour patch kids
Personality- elegant personality, matriarch of the herd, soft and caring
When you call the herd in she is the first to head to where you are at. Fantastic mother. Produces lots of milk and heathy calves.

Athena Diamond

DOB April 2015 Dam Saphire Gem, Sire Zeus “The Gladiator”
Drinks Original Coors beer from a can, Bottled Mountain Dew
Personality- Touch of her mom’s (Saphire) elegance, splash of Dad’s (Zeus) powerful persona, very adventurous, loving.
She has slight red color to parts of her fur.

Sweet (Sweets) Pea

DOB 2015 Dam Zelda, Sire (Unknown)
Her long tongue sweeps up range cubes (cake) out of your hand.
Personality- Intimidating, loving, gentle, protective
Fantastic protective mother

Shasta Daisy

DOB April 19, 2018 Dam Sweet Pea, Sire Zeus “The Gladiator”
She has little red highlights on her forehead.
Petite in size, but makes up for it by standing her ground.
Personality-Calm an gentle


DOB April 9, 2017 (Dam & Sire unknown)
Personality- Sophisticated, calm, playful, easygoing
Passionate about her Range Cubes (Cake)